Korean Dolls and Ina Kongju

Korean dolls in traditional wedding clothes.

I had a really good time at my Korean lesson last night. We’re working through the story of The Little Mermaid (“Ina Kongju” in Korean) and the illustrations in the book were so cute that I got inspired to make a post outta them.

The princess mermaid rescues the hansome human from drowning, falling in love during the process.

The hansome prince comes to from his drowning stupor and mistakenly falls in love with the first girl who comes trotting along.

The Disney version married her off to the prince, but Hans Christian Anderson had her turn into a bubble and die in the end. Grizzly, but she looks pretty happy with the arrangement here.

And here are your Korean vocab words for the day:
(I’m having trouble with the Korean-Hangul font. I’ll have to add that at another time. Bear with me.)

Pahda –Sea
Ina –Mermaid
Konju –Princess
Ouangju –Prince
Moksuri –Voice
Morae –Sand

I love the faces. The little smirks...


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