Stitched Words

This was posted a little bit ago on the Blog/Flikr Group “Feeling Stitchy.” I do not always like stitched words… home and hearth type proverbs surrounded by embroidered flowers don’t call me at all, but sometimes I see a thing like this and it’s awesome. A pillow cover that looks like notebook paper. Trust the universe. Well, okay. I guess I’ll do that, then. Not quite sure what that means- it has kind of a zen ring to it. Isn’t it cool?

What I don’t need is another project to start and not finish, but this is seriously making me want to make a hand-stitched… um… something… that looks like a sheet of lined notebook paper with words of some kind on it. I am open to suggestions as to what the words should be.



  1. Love it!

    • kirinjirafa Said:

      Isn’t it the coolest? I’m starting to want to make a pillow case or something that’s a to-do list- that’s what this is making me think. just some everyday to-do list

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