Snow and Apple Pancakes!

It’s SNOWING! YAY! I’ve gotten some snow for the next little bit here on my blog and took a few snapshots outside to share the delight. Yes, I am really delighted by this.

Backyard trees. I was told when we bought this house that we would have to cut them down because of the plumbing. My answer is no. I am not getting rid of this. Plumbing be darned!

Bunny tracks! These are the first animal tracks in the snow I've seen this year. (happy feelings)

a snow covered branch from one of my trees

I’m like a little kid when winter comes around. I love the cold outside and the look of the snow and everything that goes with it, even shoveling. I bought some new sweaters and pulled out the Christmas decorations and am feeling all wintry and festive. Hot foods just taste better at this time of year. I got a bag of apples the other day with the urge to bake them into something, and this is what they became:

Apple pancakes! I have made them many times using this recipe and one shredded Honeycrisp apple (which typically turns out to be about a cup). I get six pancakes from the recipe and top them with dulce de leche and a little butter. My husband eats his with maple syrup. More than three is really too much, but to have this exact amount once a month is divine.

This is the road in front of my house. I know an image like this is what people usually hate about snow, but I can't stop looking at scenes like it. The road, the sky, the milky white everywhere; it's beautiful.



  1. I covet your pancakes, but not your snow.

    • kirinjirafa Said:

      Friend, the snow is half the joy of the pancakes! They’re great, but they’re sooo much better when they’re warm and you’re cold.

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