Christmas And A Little More Sarcasm Than Is Probably Necessary

Let me start by saying that I LOVE diversity- maybe more than most people. I genuinely enjoy learning about and experiencing other people’s cultures and tastes. But I seriously don’t get this schtick going around lately about people not thinking it’s pc to say “Merry Christmas.” There’s a school district in my area where the teachers have been asked to abstain from using red/green combos in the classroom decor throughout the month of December. I don’t understand that. In case everyone isn’t aware, a lot of people in this country celebrate Christmas. Many are Christians, many are not. It means different things to different people; as I am a Christian, it has a strong significance to me as the Earthly advent of the Savior of humanity. To many people, it means listening to feel good music and getting together with family to open presents. And that’s okay. It’s okay. It’s even okay to admit that people do that in this country. It should also be okay for businesses and publicly funded organizations to acknowledge this day and the fact that a whole lot of people around here like it. This really shouldn’t be offensive.

Today my husband told me about a campaign to rename French Fries “Freedom Fries” to lash out at the French for their lack of support on the US war in Iraq. See, I would just think life is too short for this kind of thing.

Well, apparently it’s not. There’s this big push right now to get the word “Christmas” out of common circulation. I’ve noticed that stores are running a little thin on ways to mention the end of the month of December without saying why they think it might be an especially good time to do some shopping, and end-of-the-year products that are a little ambiguous are kind of a hot item, soooo…

I’m making some cards!
I wanna make them downloadable so you can print them out, but here’s what I have so far:

I need to produce my own picture for the Festivus card- I got that picture here.



  1. Rachel Said:

    I like this…it’s funny that you wrote about this, because I remember distinctly that last year when I was in walmart, I saw a sign in the middle of the store as you first went in that said “merry Christmas!” I was so excited about that.

    • kirinjirafa Said:

      HA HA HA HA! I was just thinking about these cards the other day. I should seriously peddle them on Zazzle or something. LOL

      Can you believe what a big part Wal Mart had in all that nonsense? Once they repented of it though, it was too late… now everyone is all uppity about saying “Merry Christmas,” and whatever you do say, you’re kind of making a statement. Stupid people.

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