I love my job.

So, today I’m in a classroom full of third graders, merrily imparting the knowledge of the Spanish language into their eager little minds when a tragedy interrupted me: my penguin bracelet broke! BOO HOO! I loved that thing! I could probably remove a link and fix it or attach a ring to it or… something. My hubby gave it to me a while back, so I’m not ready to give up on it; but after class was finished and I was getting ready to turn things over to the next teacher, one of the students called out to me and gave me the paper bracelet in the bottom picture as a replacement. Awww… My heart just melted with that. I could go all realistic and call it a likely case of brown-nosing, but I think I’d rather say the kid was just being sweet. I love it. This is going to be kept for a long time.

It has stuff written all around it like “You’re the best teacher ever” and so forth.


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  1. Renee Said:

    I give you deep commiseration on the broken penguin bracelet. Thought I’d let you know that your step-dad has been using the term freedom fries for at least a decade now (he thought he’d made it up). In fact for a good while he didn’t like my telling people that I’m 1/3 french! And last comment but not least I bet I can guess who would like to visit Edinburgh!

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