Kate Middleton’s Dress

By Lhuillier- This is my favorite of the designer sketches provided. The skirt and train have wonderful dramatic motion.

The Telegraph posted a slideshow of different designers’ concept art of the wedding gown for Kate Middleton, and I was quite dazzled by several. You can view the slideshow by clicking here. I think my top choice would be the Lhuillier and my least favorite would be the Tommy Hilfiger. I relish overblown, excessive decorations, although I think look tacky on most people. My wedding gown was a very basic knee-length sheath with a slightly d’ecollet’e beaded neckline. No sleaves, no other details. It was my opinion of the perfect wedding gown, but I’m not royalty.

By Gucci- This actually looks like something she would wear- it's gorgeous, but it doesn't strike me as being stately.

I really hope she chooses something royal. Really big and uncommonly lavish. Something a commoner would look foolish trying to wear. The Tommy and the Jason Wu are nice, but any bride can wear those.

By LaCroix- I liked this one because it is simply something only a future queen should wear.

The direction I think she should take would be a dramatic structured gown with a lot of presence. Something almost Elizabethan and grand. I briefly sketched some of my thoughts after seeing the slideshow and share them below:

hair down, sleaves attached, backline indicated, bandage wrap bodice continued from the shoulder details, asymmetrical pleats opening from the skirt

hair up, more sculpted folds around the skirt, plain bodice; I like the idea of a lot of floppy folds around the bottom, but it comes across a bit like a melting ice cream cone...



  1. Mark bulahao Said:

    I don’t much abut dresses but I think the one by Gucci looks best. The dress by LaCroix looks uhm…. ‘so last century’

    • kirinjirafa Said:

      Yeah, but I actually like the last-century kind of look. To me it just seems more royal and princess-ish. lol I guess I’m being kind of a romantic about this wedding, but then not every bride is going to be a queen one day…

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