Some Sketches

Little Billy hadn't expected the weather on the way to the bus stop. Now his clothes would be full of umbrellas when he got to his classroom at school.

Here are some sketches I’ve compiled from different scraps of paper of the last week or so.

A bunch of pieces of paper went into this- forms from work, pages from an old college notebook and I think there's a receipt in there somewhere too.

Weary faces.

Turtle always vowed to follow snake anywhere, but this ladder would be tricky.

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. ~This is from my Rabbits with Carrots series.

Realizing Something. I unintentionally made this 1024x768 (or, very close to that), and thought I would leave it that size so that you can download it and use it as a desktop background.



  1. Cris Said:

    i dearly adore little Billy and his umbrellas

    • kirinjirafa Said:


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