Deep Thoughts about Intellectual Property and Why I am a Good Sport (okay, I’m just ranting a little)

Argh! I was just getting ready to upload the photograph below of a single rosebud with an equally touching quote by one of my favorite authors (okay, favorite is a strong word- let’s say I got one of these books from the thrift store and it makes me laugh), when I checked out his (their) website so that I could good-naturedly, while giving full credit, mind you, link back to them. And, well, they say not to copy any of their stuff. : P

I am being a very good sport here- I jut now removed the quote from this image and replaced it with my own deep thought- the first one that came to my mind. It’s also my current GTalk stat message. May you be enlightened by it.

Being a little bit of an artist myself, I have strong inner compulsion to protect the work of others and respect their wishes regarding its circulation, but I’m also annoyed by the stupidity of our culture’s intellectual property philosophy. Whatever. I even linked back to them- I’m such a good sport. The truth is, I love Jack Handy and was just laughing very hard at a deep thought- hence the drippy rose picture. I thought it made a good addition to a post with a song and video like that. (This post was really supposed to be just the YouTube clip.) My husband took that picture in Vermont on a vacation we took once, and I think it is made for Deep Thoughtfulness. I made it 1024×768 as that is my background size and I thought Jack Handy would make a good desktop wallpaper for people to download. Well, you’re also welcome to download a me desktop wallpaper… it’s probably just as “Deep.”

PS- the band is a husband/wife team called oceanlab and the song is from a poem she wrote to him once- it’s a little trippy, but isn’t it cool? it makes me think of the book 1984 for some reason.


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