Griffin and Sabine

The first book of the series.

Nick Bantock put together this cool series of strange novels about Griffin and Sabine and their strange connection. Griffin is an English artist, and Sabine is Sicmon Philatelic Designer, which means she makes the pictures for postage stamps for the tropical Sicmon islands where she lives. At least that’s how it starts. The story is told as a series of correspondance going back and forth between the two of them, with Sabine explaining early on that she has somehow had an inexplicable telepathic ability to watch Griffin’s art as he creates it. It gets wierder from there, but I don’t want to give out any further details on the story. It’s pretty convoluted. The further it goes, the more you wonder what is actually real in the characters’ lives and what isn’t and that is half the point of the books.

The pages have either postcards printed on them or envelopes attached with letters inside them.

The other half of the point of the books is the artwork. It’s amazing. I own the first book in the set, and these are some of my favorite pictures from the envelopes and postcards. The pictures are a visual feast.


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