Secret Message Crafty Thing for Kids

I found this cool craft idea today and thought my kids would like it. As it is, you can download the templates for the little glasses and the Valentine’s Day cards, and they’re printable and super easy, but I thought it would be cool if you could use them for more than just this one holiday. I made a little hexagonal patterned page of my own that you can download and print by clicking here and also I made some non-heart-shaped glasses, since I have a lotta little boys in my class who would probably consider them less than manly.

Giuseppi made his name. It took forever.

Here's Giuseppi holding the red cellophane over his name.

It’s pretty easy to do- I had to practice coloring in a few grids before I could make it look like anything, but here is Giuseppi with his name. He was a lot more patient than I was. We used Prismacolor colored pencils: first blues, greens, purples and some shades of brown for the letters, and than oranges, pinks, yellows and reds for the camouflage area to be colored around it.

Some things I picked up from doing this are:

  • Practice with the colors and cellophane first- see what the colors look like with the red over them and which will stand out best or disappear best. This doesn’t take too long.
  • Decide on a simple image first- heart, star, first letter of your child’s name, and map it out by making light blue or green dots on the patterned paper. You might want to make one by yourself first so that you know that it will work.

  • Do the shape first, then color the camouflage part around it. This step takes a while and is a little bit of a pain in the butt, but I found that if the shape is okay, the camo part doesn’t have to be perfect.
  • Use as much of a variety of colors as you can. Having different colors makes it easier for your eyes to get distracted, which enhances the whole “hidden message” idea.


  1. Louisa Said:

    Thanks SO much for this!
    I was just reading the Martha project and wondered how I could adapt it for a college project- some serious Googling lead me to you.
    The pdf’s are fab and such a great help!

    • kirinjirafa Said:

      You’re welcome and thank you! Glad to hear it was a help!

  2. Vanessa Said:

    I’m so glad I googled and came to your blog – I was searching hard after I came across the Martha Stewart one. Thank you so much! ❤

    • kirinjirafa Said:

      you’re welcome and thank you 🙂

  3. zebranay Said:

    Very neat and I am sure that your kids will have fun with it. Zoby said that he likes popcorn when I asked his opinion. He doesn’t understand how to do it so I think he was just “winging it”.

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