A Few Small Pieces of Strange Art to Reflect My Weary State of Mind

I found this on Dazed and Confused magazine’s website. It’s a cool collection, and my brain really wants to go to sleep, which seems to be enhancing the profundity of the pieces. I believe the blocks in this one are to be read top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right. And I think it says:

1. Night after night the wolves of the trees would hide under their home from the sky pigs’ disease.
2. But soon they discovered that day after day the sky pigs had hid in the very same way.
3. Until one dawn they ventured up high to claim back their land from the pigs in the sky.
4. And so from then on be it darkness or light, the wolves and the sky pigs would dance through the night.

I’m sure there’s a message in there for us all. Or maybe it has a real meaning that someone more worldly-wise than me can spot easily. But I’m not sure. I have no idea what heck is going on in this story, but I’m happy for the tree wolves and sky pigs rising above whatever was keeping them apart.

And here is my humble offering to the art world for the day:

Tonight in church the speaker mentioned scorpions, and I was inspired. He talked about how his daughter had stepped on one and had been stung, and I thought of what the scorpion was thinking in that experience. The scorpion probably never meant to hurt anyone. Maybe he just wanted to hang out with the kid. Well, here I present a scorpion, surrounded by the various cares of his little scorpian world, dreaming of some abstract, nameless beauty. Even the ugly and seemingly repulsive things of this world can wish for what is higher.


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