A Few Random Bits of Happinness

Oh, I love my husband. I’m so thankful for him, and I was thinking about this song and singing it at work and, *sigh* I love him.
Anytime I listen to Carly Simon, I wonder why she isn’t ridiculously popular, and then I listen to tons of her music, over and over, and then I somehow phase out of it, and forget all about her, and then rediscover her again a year later and go through the process all over. This song came to me today and it makes me so happy.

Two other things that are making me happy will now be shared here:
the first is Helena Bonham Carter dressed in Vivian Westwood and mismatched shoes at the Golden Globes. I love her. She owned the carpet without going the diva route.

The photo is from Just Jared.

The other thing that’s making me happy is the appearance of two old tv shows that I have been wanting to get on DVD. Green Acres and the Rocky and Bullwinkle Show! YAY! I love campy television, and you really can’t get campier than Rocky and Bullwinkle, unless of course you’re watching Green Acres. Every season of Rocky and Bullwinkle has just been made available on DVD, which is something I have actually been waiting for. As for Green Acres, as far as I know only the first three seasons are for sale, but the rest is now available on Hulu, which is just as good. Yay, me!


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