Vintage Valentine’s Day Cards

Now that February is upon us (almost), I am starting to think through Valentine’s Day plans. I love holidays that involve me hanging around with my man or spending money on him. Yep. I dug out this box of Valentine cards in honor of the season. I got them a while back, but not too far back- they look like they’re a bajillion years old, but I think I picked them up at Barnes or somewhere on a clearance table. There’s glitter on them, although it doesn’t show unless you click on the image to see them enlarged.

I still don’t know who to give them to- maybe I’ll just mail them to random friends or something- they’re so lovely. Yeah, maybe that’s what I’ll do.

Two more things on the subject of vintage paper art:

I’ve been updating my blogroll and wanted to point out the addition of Marlendy. This is a blog mostly about paper dolls although some greeting cards and other such paper art gets slipped in here and there. It’s quite a treasure; she has some really cool uploads from out of print magazines.

Secondly, I found this the other day and fell in love with the artwork. Don’t think about the song or the context- just look at the pictures. Aren’t they cute?


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