A Few Good Hats and some other stuff

Well, I just burnt up about two hours on The Daily What and Whatever The Geek Site Associated With It Is Called, both of which were entertaining albeit a waste of time. I should be ashamed of myself, but I found these awesome posts and I like them too much to feel the shame.

I’ve mentioned a couple times a certain knit viking girl hat that I want, and since I feel like I should be able to make one instead of paying for it, I am thus far a hatless woman. But then today I saw this!

It’s a deer and antlers hat! Oh, YEAH BABY! The pattern can be bought and downloaded for a mere five dollars! Yay! “Are you tired of trying to grow antlers with no luck?” Oh this is good. I’m getting one as soon as the bills are paid.

There was also this guy that they found… oh, who knows where Reddit or somewhere, and it’s probably even cooler than the antler hat:

Or at least as cool as. Yeah, it was on reddit.

And in closing, here are a few more random things I saw there that I liked. A superhero optical illusion:

and a clip of cute duckies trying to get up a set of stairs.


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