I don’t understand the current popularity of Jil Sander.

With New York Fashion week going on right now, I’ve been wanting to talk about clothes, and the Jil Sander Spring 2011 collection has been on my mind. (You can watch it here.) For some reason, it bothers me, and the image below is why:

The collection has been highly heralded as bold and exquisite by many and criticized as ugly and boxy by few. I’m in the latter camp. I do not get the appeal. Minimalist is great, although I like glitter and decorations, but this is just lacking on too many levels. I want to try to like it just because it’s so different, but I can’t get past the feeling that everyone clapping at the end of the show is just waiting for some kid to hop up and say that the emperor is naked.

The JS ready to wear stuff is a lot more palatable, also very simple, but doesn’t look like a men’s T-shirt with a few yards of mint-green broadcloth wrapped around the waist.

Much better, no? Check out the profile view below! Very nice. I just don’t get the look on the runway.

Got this from Red Carpet Fashion Awards. This is the FOURTH time some form of this look has appeared at a big red carpet event. (I might add that it's also the most vibrant version of it, too.)

Also slightly relevant: if anyone out there cares,GFY put together a nice slideshow of the accessories at the SAG awards.


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