Valentine’s Day

Ah, l’amour. It’s that day again, and my contribution to the world in expressions of love or good feeling was a two-disk collection of the Ghostbusters movies for my honey, a batch of sillybandz (putting a “z” on the end of a word makes it soooo much cooler, doesn’t it?) for my coworkers and preschoolers, and a quiz for my Spanish classes. But they also got chocolate.

It was as delicious as it was cute.

Everyone treated me to a shower of chocolates, little cards, drawings, flowers, and the adorable cake pictured here. It lasted me about five minutes. Dang, it was a yummy thing.

Tulips from my husband.

By the way, isn’t Edith Piaf wonderful?


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  1. Renee Said:

    I enjoyed Edith Piaf, yes I did. I missed quite a few of your blogs so I must comment rather late on the sock snowmen. He is so cute! I am sure you have a reason why I did not receive one in the mail. I did get a giggle out of the duckies on the stairs but did you see the second one with the wind? I howled over that, poor little things!

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