Gummi Bear Wear

I got this at Claire’s, but thought it made an awkward necklace. Here it is shortened to be a bracelet.

I think this is too symmetrical.

Better, no?



  1. You have artist’s eyes. I have a compulsive need for symmetry and would have left it a necklace- quite wrongly. It’s a much improved piece, thanks to you. Do the kids sing the Gummy Bear song when you wear it?

    • kirinjirafa Said:

      See, there’s also a benefit in not having it around my neck- my children are always trying to grab and play with the gummi bears. On my wrist it’s no biggie, but if they were clawing at my neck I wouldn’t be able to wear it to work at all. lol

      But no, unfortunately, I don’t think any of the kids in any of my classes are even aware that such a song even exists. Tragic, really.

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