The Onion News Network!

Oh this is funny! Funny, funny, funny!
“Green man jumps high!
“Johnny Depp as the Green Man and Tilda Swinton as the Tall Tree…”
Even the viewer comments are good- “I much prefered the first few books, I think Mitchell lost a bit on the storytelling after fame got into his head. Much like Green Man himself, he used to just wave and walk across hills, but by christmas he got himself a red house, now a fence and a blue cat? its getting too complicated.”
HA HA HA HA! I love it.

Confession: whenever my husband and I go downtown I try to get a free handout copy of the Onion. It usually involves convincing him to stop the car at some ridiculously busy intersection so that I can jump out of the car and run over to a newspaper vending machine and grab it before the honking gets too loud. (He has to be the one driving- I haven’t persuaded him to go fetch yet.) Then I read it out loud to him all the way home and usually get carsick in the process. Good times, my friend.

*Update: Honey says pickng up the paper isn’t really the problem. It’s the waiting while I’m in line at the Starbucks after picking up the paper that is somehow the problem. He also says coffee is an issue for me. I disagree. But I’m tagging this on in the interest of full disclosure.


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  1. I tried to purchase a copy but to no avail.

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