A Surprisingly Good Combination

I give you: The Odd Couple.

Playing the role of Oscar is IBC Cream Soda. Often considered a no-account beverage (at least by the people I know- I like it). It looks like it’s trying to be a hard beverage but doesn’t really have the character to pull it off. It doesn’t have the attractiveness of ordinary soda, but is just as bad for you. Yet if you take them to give it a try, you may just find yourself loving it.

As Felix, we have Ben and Jerry’s Creme Brulee ice cream. Overpriced? Maybe. A little fussy for an ice cream flavor? Yeah, probably. At 1,200 calories per container, this is a taxing relationship, but like the cream soda you shouldn’t knock it until you’ve tried it. It’s easy to let it be part of your life.

I don’t recall where I first got the idea to put these two together, but they make a wicked ice cream soda. My brother used to love trying weird food combinations when we were kids, and once he dipped french fries in chocolate ice cream. He loved it. Said it was fabulous- I never took the plunge on that one, but in my heart I guessed it probably was really good. Sometimes the most unlikely things can pair amazingly well.


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