This piece is “Ultra Conservative Sermon” by Scary Pastor on Wordle. Click on these images to visit the page.

Wordle: Arminian Church Sermon Wordle: Catholic Sermon
Wordle: Charismatic Sermon

Wordle: Southern Baptist Church Sermon

Left to right, top to bottom, we have Arminian Sermon, Catholic Sermon, Charismatic Sermon, and Southern Baptist Sermon. I found these here.

My brother linked me to this website the other day. Maybe this stuff is only funny if you’ve experienced it first-hand, so if you haven’t been in the Fundamental Baptist culture maybe it won’t be hilarious to you. It certainly is to me; self-deprecating satire (not to be confused with ridicule). I’m proud to be called a Christian, but people sure can do funny things, and I think it’s healthy to laugh at ourselves… so here are some great opportunities to do just that! Tom in the Box has produced a few poignant examples of ways we’ve… um… mispriorized in Christian conservative circles along the way. Yeah, that’s a gentle way to put it. Misprioritized.


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  1. […] my hubby and I wandered into this website, Stuff Fundies Like, and it was really, really funny. (I’ve talked about this issue before- these are my people, but really… my people can be … So I’m reading and it’s really funny, and then I see the video on this post, and I […]

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