Love in the Lego Store

It’s date night, so we ran out for some Olive Garden and then took a trip to the lego store.

I got this picture from the Olive Garden website.

If you’ve never had this dessert before, let me tell you it is delectable. These little things (they’re like 3 oz. apiece) are called “dolcinis” from the Olive Garden, which, while not necessarily my favorite chain, has really hooked me with them. They are just so yummy- you’re supposed to choose three different flavors. I do the amaretto-whatever-it’s-called thing, the lemon-whatever-fake-sounding-possibly-Italian-but-I-kind-of-doubt-it’s-real-Italian thing and the strawberry-whatever-it’s-called thing. Forgive me. Each flavor has a very nice name. But I don’t remember what they are. Just do the lemon, strawberry and almond; they make an excellent trio.

I took this picture with a phone. A cellphone is not a camera.

We had planned on getting a new lego set to build, and ran to the mall after dinner, but were interrupted by an unplanned burst of grownup common sense or something like that. I gotta tell ya, though, they really looked cool. These are four of the sets I wanted the most- there was also a pirate ship there, but I couldn’t find a good picture and gave up.

Clockwise from the top left: The Atlantis Portal, Diagon Alley, The Tower Bridge, and the Scorpian Pyramid

There they were, but then in the middle of our browsing, the unimportant side subject came up that I have not yet paid the bills for this month. My husband felt there was a connection between that and the fact that most of the sets we really wanted cost upwards of a hundred dollars, so for some lame-o reason we ended up not spending all of our money on toys. Oh well… it was still fun to look at them.

Actually, I’m seriously considering going back for a couple sets after I’ve paid for the gas and electricity.



  1. How can you deny your love for the Olive Garden? And why must you insult my camera?

    • If you get the pyramid one, let me know how complicated it is, because Trey wants it…

    • kirinjirafa Said:

      it’s actually not my fav place! i don’t even know why, because everyone else likes it so much, but to me it’s just meh. but those dolcini’s? oh yum

      (and tell your phone i’m sorry if i hurt its feelings…)

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