I am Shameless

Chatting with a friend on IM just now, she pronounced shame upon me for drinking coffee late at night. I replied to her that I was shameless, and all of a sudden, this song washed back up on the beaches of my memory. Along with a lotta other flotsam and jetsam of the early 90s and maybe a few broken seashells in the mix. I remember this song by Garth Brooks, but this rendition is so good. It’s the closest I can find to what I remember from the radio.

My mom didn’t like this song back in its Garth Brooks days, but I always kind of liked it, and now that I’m a grown up old married woman it just seems really romantic and it’s Tuesday. And I’m starting to get all tingly about my man.

Also this coffee is really quite good. My friend just signed off, but not before linking me this shirt.


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