Another Round of Kid Art

I initially started this post with this cute little pencil family in mind, but I saw a few other masterpieces while I was photographing them and decided to expand. These three people were made by a fifth grade class who collaborated on a business venture. One cut up the pencils, one made the furniture… etc. They sold them for a dime apiece.

a bed

I think these are pets- a turtle, a bird, and a bunny

here are some clothes for the people- I got a shot of a few dress shirts, but there was a whole wardrobe for each person

Here I’ve set some of the up. Carpet, table (with a cheeseburger), baby in bed, mother in the chair…

I mean really. Isn’t this the coolest thing ever? I remember doing stuff kind of like this as a kid, but the whole class got together for it.

So here’s the rest, and what a collection this is. These are pieces from my personal gallery of kid gifts from work. Many came at Christmas, and some have just come to me along the way.

This was made by a four year old. A little girl in my class who likes to draw drew this, colored it, and cut it out by herself. It may be that an older girl helped her do the drawing- it’s hard to tell, the way four year olds talk, but I can at least vouch for the fact that this kid can draw that well. She has amazing motor skills.

A third grader made this. I think it was intended to be a wall decoration, but it’s hard to say. I don’t know what the big person asking the little person for food (and being denied) is supposed to mean.

This bird cutout was included along side of the above wall hanger thing.

This was drawn by a sixth grader. I think he plays too many violent video games…

More four year old stuff- this was just cute cuz it’s supposed to be my family- me, my husband, mom and dad, and when I asked the kid what the writing said she told me she didn’t know and that I’d have to read it to her. Hee hee.

Also by a four year old- she likes dinosaurs, her favorite being “rex” (Tyrannosaurus Rex), and she stenciled this one but added the bow and eyelashes to make it a girl dino.


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  1. I don’t know, you’ll have to read it to me. So cute. Gosh you’ve got a bunch of clever kids!

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