The End of the Office. *updated title- oh wow they’re like the energizer bunny! stop, people!

It’s here at last. After the past few episodes have been teasing us about how Michael is going to leave, we finally have the story. (SPOILER) Holly needs to go care for her aging parents in Denver, and he is going with her. This past episode was cute and funny (Pam and that gas can), and as a much anticipated beginning of the end, I didn’t feel let down. I can’t imagine anyone popping the question at work with their coworkers, and where did those candles come from? but let’s just ignore that. It was cute.

I’ve had to reluctantly let go of The Office, but it really has outlived itself. Don’t get me wrong now- as tv shows that have ended their run go, this one has definitely done it better than most! It’s still funny and easy to watch. It’s just over. The stories and characters have gone from being hilarious because they’re too realistic to being just too realistic. (I knew a a crowd of real-life Angelas in college. We called them popsicle girls: ice cold, sickeningly sweet sometimes, but otherwise tasteless, and a great, big stick up her… place.)

All those kitten knick-knacks...

It used to be a great weekend entertainment for us to go to bed late on Friday after watching The Office on Hulu, then get up a little late on Saturday and watch the new episode of Bones (which is also at the end of it’s life, but really hasn’t pulled its longevity off as well as the Office). The replacement options have been good so far. Here’s what we’re getting into now:

  • Traffic Light

    Um, the premise is a little cloudy, but generally these three guys are friends with varying degrees of commitment in their relationships. Doesn’t sound too appealing like that, but the scripting and the actors’ delivery make it quite worthwhile.

  • Community

    A lawyer who never passed the bar (I think) returns to school and the show follows his quirky study group.

  • Raising Hope

    This is a family of teen parents begetting more teen parents. Hope is the baby, her dad lives with his parents, and they live in one of the grandmothers’ houses with her. The characters are all cheap, unambitious losers and they know this and they are fine with it. I can’t imagine such a living situation working out so peacefully in real life, but it’s very funny television.

  • Outsourced

    Probably the most loaded plot of all of them- Tod is the young manager of a sales team that has been outsourced to India. The company sells novelties, affording a plethora of whoopie cushion jokes and talking rubber chickens thrown into the ripe context of culture shock. The music is great, the costumes are great, the characters are lovable, all around this is my favorite new show. I have a sneaky feeling this one will have the shortest life, since it seems like they could only squeeze out so many fresh plots from that framework. So here’s hoping they don’t stretch this show too far, but while it’s good, it is very good.


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