Every now and again, I stumble across something that just blows my mind a little tiny bit and then I blog it and then I realize everyone else has already blogged it. Then I think about deleting the post, because who, after all, wants to be a rip off? But I never do. This is 3eanuts- Charles Schultz’ comic strip Peanuts with the fourth panel removed. You can check out the Tumblr site here.

I’ve always thought Charlie Brown was somber for a comic strip. There are no visible adults, and the children take care of their own affairs and mistreat Charlie Brown for no reason. He always loses, never learns, and has almost no redeeming qualities, as he knows. That last panel in the strip makes the storyline mildly humorous, although rarely laugh-out-loud funny, but the gag is more often than not just a little comic relief. I find it’s just as compelling to read them without a punchline, and it makes me sad or something.


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