Little Green Things

Shortly after we bought this house our friend brought us a battered old electric push mower he’d found by the road side getting thrown out. I loved it at once, and tinkered, coaxed or cajoled it into cutting our lawn ever since until its final expiration date in May. I haven’t had the heart to trash it yet, but I need to cut the grass. So…

The Scotts Turf 14″ push mower.

We picked this up! To summarize my experiences:

  • Ease of Assembly Very. Took me about 30 minutes with no tools.
  • Portability & Maneuverability Another very. I can carry it with one hand and reach pretty much the same spaces as my electric mower.
  • Ease of Mowing It’s quite easy to use, but the workload is way tougher- my arms felt like they were gonna fall off.
  • Quality of Cut Good, although I have to cut twice. I had to recut several patches, although part of that could be the length of the grass and the quantity of weeds, which brings me to…
  • Ability to Ignore Obvious Weeds and Other Such Lawn Imperfections Totally gone from my life now. With no horizontal rotary blade mulching everything, I can no longer pass over a patch of dandelions and then ignore them. They show, and their clippings look like weed clippings. I hafta rake afterward.
  • Cost Efficiency Faboo! For eighty bucks, this was a good deal, even though I wasn’t filling a gas can for the last one.

With Summer setting in, I’m planning to spend a lot of time in the yard, and I expect this to be a very good source of exrecise. Really, I’m most excited about the fact that neither the power company nor the petroleum industry will be getting any of my money for this. Right.

On a related and happy note, I’m a mother! Well, sort of… My very first garden ever has produced it’s very first little seedlings. I planted six mounds of canteloupe a couple weeks back, and now can happily say that each mound has tiny plants starting to show.

Hooray for Spring!
What a glorious feeling!
All the little lambs
On the hillside squealing.
Tighten up your braces,
Tuck in your shirt.
All the little green things
Growing in the dirt.

~Walter Brooks, from his book Freddy the Politician



  1. Renee Said:

    Congratulations on your seedlings! It is like having a baby cause they’re baby plants. Sad part of course is you’re planning on eating the babies someday and most of us don’t do that (although after meeting some children I can honestly say maybe some parents should!) However I am very glad for you!

    • kirinjirafa Said:

      Cannibalism as discipline… hmmm…
      Honey, you know Mommy loves you, but if you can’t stop throwing this tantrum, we’re going to put a few more of your fingers in the stew tonight with dinner… is it wrong of me to be laughing about this right now?

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