Remakes: No, No NO!

Don’t do it, Hollywood!

As backstory, I have avoided watching The Planet of the Apes because I do not like “animal” movies and already knew the surprise ending. But then my husband has said that it was still worth watching, and one day a few months back I thought I’d go ahead, and son of gun! I was pleasantly surprised by the profundity of the story. I liked it so much that I decided to watch the Tim Burton remake (in the full knowledge that it was received poorly, but what the heck), and it’s now finishing up on my dvd player as I type. It’s as wretchedly bad as everyone said. Man is it ever a lousy movie. Visual effects are beautiful, and it does have Helena Bonham Carter, but even her coolness cannot compensate for a turkey like this. I’m neither disappointed nor surprised, but it leaves me scratching my head. Why, movie producers of the world? Why, screenwriters? Why create this?

Remember when someone tried to redo Psycho? It’s like repainting the Mona Lisa- you can try, but don’t expect your work to be worth remembering- and really, can I just say- if it stood the test of time, there’s a reason. It’s already good! People don’t like to have beloved classics messed with.


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  1. Ipodman Said:

    The original Planet of the Apes is terrific… I love that movie, and all the sequels are good too… but you are right, the Tim Burton remake is horrendous!

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