The Journey Home

I’ve been something of a Sarah Brightman fan for many years now; she’s like Charlotte Church to me. I’m probably going to sound really mean here, but some artists/musicians have a special appeal to me in that they can vascilate between producing something mind-blowingly beautiful and then turn around and crank out something embarrassingly horrendous. That is mean. I’m sorry, both to the people I’m saying it about and to all the fans who disagree. I really am a huge fan, myself- in fact, I have almost every album ever made by both of these singers, though I can’t even pinpoint what the attraction is. For some reason, though, I can’t get enough.

This song was a favorite of mine when I was engaged and we were far apart. Honey and I did the long-distance relationship thing for about a year, and I used to play this song and feel mushy when I missed him.


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