Gaga Kneivel

I’ve avoided posting on this person because I don’t want to just be talking about the same thing everyone else is going on about, but I saw this clip this morning and was blown away (yet again). She has produced a couple songs that have affected me that way, in particular this performance of Speechless and Fooled Me Again/Honest Eyes. What can I say that hasn’t already been said? Well, as much as everyone’s talking about her, probably not much, but here is my two cents’ worth anyway.

When on her game, she’s a flawless performer. I don’t like the excessive grotesque sexuality of her act and her desperate looking attempts at speaking out against organized religion (and yes, I think she’s ripping Madonna off big time, but whatever). That’s what I don’t like.

What I do like is her soul music and (some of) her fashion sense in general. This vintage Versace trend right now is great (and that striped Philip Treacy hat is a plus). She is conscious about making her act beautiful on both auditory and visual levels, thickly infused with a mini sermon in each album, apparently. That’s getting old, though, hence the title of this post.

Beautiful, and really crazy.

Once I read Ozzy Osbourne saying that she needed to tone it down before everyone got used to her. I’m just imagining myself at 23 and thinking what a mess I would have been with the type of pressure and acclaim she’s getting, fresh out of college, feeling grown up and sophisticated. I have to hand it to her- she’s holding up remarkably well. But really, does she think she can keep it up forever? Just ask Evel Kneivel; you can make a splash by shocking people, but sooner or later you have a line of buses at Wembly Stadium that will just be too much.

Also arguably beautiful, but really, REALLY crazy

Well good luck to her anyway. I hope she doesn’t crash and burn too bad, but with all the hype of Born this Way, I really don’t know what she can say about the next album. This one was supposed to “change the world”; how can she promote the next one? I wasn’t too impressed with her egg at the Grammys, but how else was she gonna follow a dress made out of raw beef? People keep telling her to do jeans and a T-shirt. Maybe that should be her next act.
*UPDATE- jeans and a T-shirt. Can i call ’em or what?

Nuts (and pretty self-absorbed), and honestly- where do you go from here?


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  1. Love that Armani. I rather think her wealth’s ability to buy these pieces is wasted on her taste…

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