A Few More Happy Memories

Seven adults and eight children- aside from a couple nasty illnesses, and a miscarried attempt at seeing a parade, the week was a delight. For my part, I would say my favorite times of the visit would be the sitting and talking. I almost feel lazy saying that, but the good conversation is already well-missed.

Some other things that I enjoyed are:

Group reading and book discussing. Hubby and I read together a good deal, so that happens around our house anyway, but it was fun to read with the kids and talk over books with the grownups.

Sidewalk chalk art! Actually, having toys getting used and generally scattered around the house was a little joy in itself. A house just looks so happy with toys out.

Trip to the park! Some of the kids fished these snail shells out of a little lake there, and I think we aquired an assortment of pinecones and feathers, but none of them made it to a car.

Vintage wind up snail toy thing! I could say this little guy is representative of hanging out with Mom who brought it for me~ thanks mom!~ but it was sooo cool I had to give it it’s own photo. She also helped me pick out some pepper plants for my garden and has graciously agreed to bring me some plants from Pennsylvania later on so I can freshen up my yard foliage a bit.

Am I missing anything guys?


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