Sketch of Alfred Hitchcock + some ranting about Katie Holmes

Good evening.

Here is a drawing I made of the Great One. I feel like his head should be a little more egg-shaped, but I hope you like it.

On a random side note (and I am seriously breaking my personal no-blogging-mean-stuff rule here, so I’m sorry in advance for what I’m getting ready to say and will probably never apologize again for):

There’s this soapbox I’ve been wanting to get onto for a while now; it is this. I don’t feel very sorry for certain people. If you get constantly, doggedly judged on your parenting skills by everyone, but you’re a parent in a famous, multi-child family and one child gets talked about in your magazine interviews and photographed and generally showed off to the public at every opportunity… well, you’re asking for judgement. Good parent or bad, with that many people being given that much access to your personal life, you will attract criticism. I have no sympathy for them over the scrutiny they receive.

Unfortunately, the child is getting scrutinized as well, and that part I do feel sorry about. Has anyone stopped to wonder if this girl will really want to be a celebrity when she’s older? She’s too tiny to know what that means now, and she’s still too cute to draw much fire, but (God forbid) what if she’s not a good dancer/singer/actress/socialite or even very pretty when she gets older? Then what? I guess that’s her problem. Tough luck, kid. You were born to a parent pimp.



  1. Rachel Said:

    Love your sketch, great composition! Brings back childhood memories 🙂

    • kirinjirafa Said:

      Thanks 😀
      I copied the image from some old movie packaging… it just seemed so comical and rye.

  2. Cris Said:

    Great sketch & I second your “parent pimp” (how hilarious!) rant

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