A Case of Spring Fever

I’ve referenced Mystery Science Theater 3000 before; it’s one of my favorite shows. I use it for white noise at home all the time. If you aren’t famliar with this gem of Americana, let me encourage you to scoot on over to its Hulu page and watch some. Monster A Go-Go is probably the best in that list. The premise is that this guy Joel has been launched into outer space by mad scientists who perform an ongoing inhumane experiment on him in which he is forced to watch terrible movies and somehow this benefits the mad scientists in ways never explained to the viewers. The guy (Joel, later replaced by Mike) created some robots to keep him company, and together they watch the awful movies and ridicule them, and that is the show. The clip above is at the beginning of one of the episodes. No Springs!

Oh man is that funny. Brought to you by the Spring Council of America… I don’t know who in the world created a short about springs, but I’m glad they’ve boldly raised the issue of spring awareness.

My miniature Slinky Dog.


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