Amy Winehouse.

I’m so sorry to hear she’s passed.

A person like her can get tons of public attention and ridicule for being a mess, but on her death right now, I’m just thinking what a good singer she was when she had it together, and I wonder if it’s the fault of the industry that people like her can fall prey to a destructive lifestyle, although I know that isn’t fair. She made her own choices. I’m reminded of Steve Irwin- surely a guy like that would have found something dangerous to do with or without the cameras watching. I dunno. Here’s Rehab, a tribute to the piece of entertainment that made her trainwreck life her trademark.

I’m sad about this.



  1. Renee Said:

    I am sorry when anyone passes on especially in the way she did. Just goes to show that fame and money often brings you the opposite of happy. I really liked Back to Black by the way. And although I thought Rehab was an ok song, it’s a shame she didn’t say yes, yes, yes to rehab.

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