The Fick Museum

We visited the Fick Fossil and History Museum in Oakley, KS last week. The founder, Vi Fick, lived in the area near the Monument Rocks, and had a knack for finding fossils- tons and TONS of fossils, which she collected, painted and collaged. She’s produced some remarkable pieces, the most impressive being the floral arrangements.

The petals on these flowers are seashells, and the vases are made of shark vertebrae with oil paint for the background and on the fossils.

This is an oil painting with sharks’ teeth and bones.

This is a shot of the Monument Rocks from a distance. They seem so out of place sticking up out of the desert like they do.

This is me, standing by one of the rock formations to lend proportion.

The museum has a small collection of other miscelaneous artifacts from days gone by, which I thought merited a few photos too. How do you like that toy waffle iron?


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