This… You just hafta read this.

The Huffington Post published this article about interracial adoption a few days ago and you have to read it to believe it.

It is horrible, I should warn you. This woman insinuates that interracial adoption, particularly with a white male parent of a non-white daughter, has necessary implications of child exploitation. She swings the sledge hammer of illogic in a wide arc, and follows nonsense with an ironic call to “Think about it.”

According to Rebecca Carroll:

White men= predators with some innate sexual fascination for non-white daughters.

One comment= a perfectly good excuse to turn your back on the nurturing care of someone who has been your parent for twenty years.

Woody Allen= the norm.

Brad Pitt= open to public speculation about possibly having a devious interest in little girls, cuz afterall he’s famous.

Shame, shame woman.


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