Burma-Shave Book (and me trying my hand at vintage slang)

The Verse by the Side of the Road : The Story of the Burma-Shave Signs and Jingles

If you aren’t hip(hep?) to Burma-Shave, let me just put you in orbit. Burma-Shave had this koo-koo (coo-coo?) weirdsville routine where those crazy advertizing cats would plant a series of signs along the roadsides. The lines, when read one after another, would make a little jingle that typically was relevant to the Burma-Shave product. I would gladly purchase Burma-Shave based on this alone. I’m guessing it was shaving cream, but the truth is, I don’t know.

I became wise to this coolsville book (I don’t know a good fifties word for book, but I bet a million bucks they had one) the other day. It was on a table with a bunch of used books at some store, where they collected old books and resold them and gave the proceeds to charity or something, and can you BELIEVE someone threw this out?

I hope I haven’t missused any of these terms; really I just liked the idea of using “vintage slang.” I’m kind of a square that way…



  1. Linda Said:

    Yes, it was a shaving cream. We used to love reading the little jingles as we drove down the roads!

    • kirinjirafa Said:

      Awesome! Thanks!

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