Art Dolls

I have a new hobby. Or I will have a new hobby once I get home and start it… MAKING CREEPY ART DOLLS! Hubby and I went out to a bookstore tonight, and I’ve been looking through Art Doll Quarterly Magazine, and let me tell you. I am beginning my new hobby as soon as we get home. Along with my other new hobby of modifying clothes. I am now a fan of Stampington & Company, a group apparently devoted to DIY artsy girly stuff that has a slight avant garde flair to it.

Here are a few images I found on their website to show you:

Aren’t they coool? Don’t they make you wanna make a creepy doll now? Or at least buy every available issue of this magazine? (That’s the effect they have on me, anyway.) This past Summer issue had the results of a tiny doll challenge, and they were plenty awesome, let me say. There was one in particular that I really loved, and its name is Eugenia made by this lady here. I’m gonna upload a picture of it if she doesn’t mind. She has graciously allowed me to upload a picture.

The doll is made of wire, beads and buttons and is just too cool for the rest of us. But we can look.



  1. vndnbt Said:

    Sure, you can post the pic of Eugenia. I’m tickled you like her. Thanks for pointing to my blog. Have fun making art dolls – can’t wait to see what you come up with.

    • kirinjirafa Said:

      Thanks! You rock!

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