Industrial Design Postage Stamps

My husband, who is a bit of an architecture buff, likes to quote/paraphrase Le Corbusier in saying that something becomes beautiful as it becomes more like its functional epitome. From the perspective of a design engineer, beauty is a perfectly designed object. Hmmm. Well, I can think of plenty of exceptions to that, but it does appeal to me. When these stamps were issued, I fell in love with them, and probably because they made me think of this principle.

We own flatware that looks almost exactly like that in the image above, and even after a few years of having it, it’s still beautiful to me. On the other hand I also own an egg slicer shaped like an egg with little feet, so don’t think I consider this a hard and fast rule. Having said that, allow me to segue into a short list of cool links I found surfing through the wordpress blog posts tagged with “art” today. There’s definitely also room for impractical things in beauty:


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