Fake Glasses and other Happy Stuff

They are fake, in fact they impair my vision, but who could possibly care when they’re as cool as this? I’m going to start making everyone at work call me “Frenchy.”

Some other things that are making me happy:

  • British fashion magazine Tatler has a cool jewelry promo they’re trolling right now. They’re calling it “augmented reality,” and it works like this- you wrap a strip of printed paper around your finger, go to their website right here, (and download a bit of software, ack), then you can hold your hand in front of your webcam and see a rendered 3D image of your finger with one of their rings on it. You have a list of different rings you can try out, and they cost a few million dollars, so I think the idea is to “try before you buy.” Yeah right. Anyway, it’s cool gimmick advertising.
  • If you are struggling, unhappy or otherwise downtrodden, CLICK HERE.
    Brought to you by what may be the most obnoxious coworker/customer/neighbor on Earth, who keeps a website composed of what are probably made up email conversations of him being hilariously insufferable to the people around him. Disclaimer about that site- that link is safe, but he likes bad words. Just sayin’.
  • Alexis Bittar made a really great necklace, which I have posted about on my other blog, and you should look at it and revel in its greatness with me.
  • At Paste online, I found out about this great bad movie called Troll 2. It is competition with Plan Nine, folks. It’s really bad. This I know because, while I had not ever heard of this movie before, my husband and I found a copy at a DVD resale shop on Friday! We brought it home and watched it that night, and I can verify- it is a turkey. It’s worse than a turkey- it’s like a whole month of Thanksgiving dinners every single night. By the way, there are no trolls.


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