Lego Game

K, so this is Wild Wool, a game produced by Lego for kids that I’m thinking would be appropriate for ages 5-12. My husband and I like it too though, and we’re a little older than that age bracket.

You play it by building these little lego sheepies and a wolf first to set up the game. Then you roll a die and follow it’s color-code directions to either collect a piece of wool (add a white lego brick to your sheep), scare the wool off of your opponent’s sheep (sic the wolf on it), trade sheep with your opponent, or sheer your sheep. Once all the wool is collected, the game is over and the person with the most wool bricks is the winner.

Game play takes about ten-fifteen minutes unless you stop to play with the little animals. Which you probably will want to do; at least, I recommend it. The sheep are really cute.

Aren't those sheep cute? The wide,crazed eyes...



  1. I totally want this game now… 🙂

    • kirinjirafa Said:

      and it only cost about ten bucks 🙂
      i totally trecommend it

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