I was sad, now I’m happy.

Sad story: I started my first garden this past Summer. I tilled my own little patch of soil, planted canteloupe seeds and a couple rows of some other stuff. The other stuff seemed to grow average-ly, and they were fine, whatever, but the canteloupes were what really had my attention. I went and weeded them every day, I carefully thinned them out once they started getting a few inches tall, I dusted and wiped off the leaves, I watered early mornings and late evenings, but never during the day when the sun could burn them, and I was so proud of them. They were viney and leafy, and starting to get blossoms all over them. And then something that looks a lot like this happened.

Rest in peace.

At least, that’s what I think it was, but my neighbor’s canteloupe vines were fine. One day, we came back from work, I walked over to peek at my garden, and BLAMMO. All yellow and brown. All dead. I have no idea really what could have happened. It took me a few weeks of pruning and watering and then about a week of pretending like my garden didn’t exist before I finally worked up the nerve to go and clean them all out. They went away with a bag of lawn refuse two days later. And I cried.

Well, hubby got sick, so I’m making him some chicken soup, and thought I’d go pull in whatever other veggies may happen to have decided to carry on, and lo and behold they’re doing alright! I know this must sound ridiculous, but I have avoided going and looking in at my garden since then, but here are some very nice looking carrots and bell peppers that I found. I’ve gotten a few random veggies out here and there, but this was good little haul. Like my garden is producing, and I didn’t just waste all that work and my plants are living and the universe is okay and it’s a small world after all. It feels like such a happy ending now.



  1. I love my garden… I share your pain… I have lost so many things too and its so sad! I’m so glad there was a happy ending for you with your gorgeous carrots and bell peppers! */* YAY…

    • kirinjirafa Said:

      Thanks : )
      I was so broken hearted at the time… lol
      It almost seems silly how attached a person can get to plants, but those canteloupe vines were like my babies.

  2. zebranay Said:

    I really felt bad for you at that time. Although I only plant flowers now I put
    perennials in because each year it is like seeing old friends returning! When I lose a plant I feel so sad.

    • kirinjirafa Said:

      Well, it’s producing some very tasty peppers an carrots now. 🙂
      I’m gonna go through and pull up all the parsley and freeze it in the next few days.

  3. loudlyshy Said:

    There’s some sort of disease that can sweep through melons and totally decimate them, I don’t recall what it’s called but it happened to my parents’ garden. They were selling at farmer’s markets and had spent hours a day tending their 2 acre garden…and all of the melons were destroyed. It was sad.

    Your other veggies look flippin’ GREAT. /Yum./

    • kirinjirafa Said:

      Ouch! Since this happened, I’ve read of a few other people’s experiences that were really similar. The mellons seem fine, then pow. All yellow brown and wilted. At least I wasn’t raising these for profit 😦

      My heart really goes out to the people like your parents who lost a couple acres of them.

  4. decoybetty Said:

    That is great haul! My basil is dying a slow death and I don’t know why. But my coriander and tomato plant is flourishing. I dunno!

    • kirinjirafa Said:

      Thanks for your comment- good luck with the basil
      Maybe you can at least harvest a little from it. 🙂

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