Reblogging: This is so Amazingly Awesome You’ll Get Pregnant Just Reading It.

There they are, folks- the greatest men in the world! I just saw this on SFL, and couldn’t possibly leave it there. I wonder if it’s a real fliar, but I don’t wanna check and ruin it if it’s fake, and considering some of the other self-praising publications I have seen from some of the crazies in the uber-fundamentalist crowd (this may actually become a cited remark, if I get the time to do some research and provide a few links when I get home unless I stop caring by then, which I probably will), it looks pretty authentic to me.

David Hyles created teenage soul-winning? (Non-Christian/fundy readers, that term means converting a non-Christian person to Christianity.) I seriously don’t even know how such an outlandish statement is even supposed to be construed. I’m so bowled over. I want to make something out of this poster. I was thinking gift wrapping paper? Maybe a nice piece of origmai jewelry? Maybe I’ll just have it printed on a T-shirt. I dunno.


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