Stuff that’s now old news.

I have rendered this simulated Wheel of Smooveness so that you could see how it might look printed and set on my table. My printer is a little buggy, and also I thought it was kinda cool to do a hacky CG illustration of this. I'd say I have too much time on my hands, but the truth is I'm super busy today and just ignoring my real responsibilities.

Well a week or so ago, some PR company sent an email promo to The Bloggess. She didn’t like/want it, and sent them a rather snarky request that they remove her from their list of spammees. It’s pretty funny, and if you’re not yet acquainted with The Bloggess, you should check her out (with the warning that she swears like a sailor).

So anyhow the PR people did not appreciate the joke, and replied with a terse email that she would be removed from the mailing list. The end. Or it should have been. But then apparently some VP in the company (named Jose), through some unknown chain of events, did a reply all to the office about this, in which he referred to Jenny (Bloggess’ real name) as a f***ing b****. And Jenny was included in the reply all. Oops.

Now, you’ve really gotta read this exchange to believe how smoove Jose was. Let me tell you, though, it is the right way to do public relations. This I know, because in the twitter-bloodbath aftermath, someone else from the company astutely pointed out that Jose is actually good at PR. Not being a PR person myself, details like that can escape me, so I was glad to have it clarified.

Instructions for constructing the wheel- click the image if you can't read the text.

Now, in my occupation, I encounter situations that require careful attention to interpersonal communications and I can really use the professional guidance from someone who’s on the inside of the PR business and knows the ropes. I have therefore collected his pearls of wisdom and compiled them into a tidy little document I call the Wheel of Smooveness. You may be in the same boat as me there, and perhaps can benefit as well, so I’ve created a pdf download. You can download your own to print and construct by CLICKING HERE.


In other news that is also old and also very smoove, I offer this:

  • The Lady is a Tramp, with Tony Bennet and Gaga. Often, I can’t even watch this woman; her act seems so skanky and bubblegum. Then she does something like this and totally blows me away. If you haven’t heard this yet, play it now. It’s downright classy, folks.

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    1. zebranay Said:

      I do indeed appreciate the wheel of smoveness, & will undoubtedly use it in a future post. I will also agree that lady Gaga did a decent version of that song. My favorite version will always be Diana Ross’s though & least favorite would be Frank Sinatra’s. The smoveness wheel could almost be used on his version with his pathetic attempt at coolness.

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