Inexplicably funny giraffe and some other stuff.

When I first saw this, it took me a second, and then I laughed, and laughed and laughed and couldn’t stop.

And here is my own offering to the art world for the day. It is the second in my new series of giraffes being interrupted at home by sales calls. I have entitled it “Giraffe Trying to Take a Shower when some Dumb Telemarketer Calls and Interrupts”

Today, I was interrupted in the middle of something by a phone call (automated) from AT&T telling me that I needed to call them about my wireless (which is a closed account). Geez that’s annoying.


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  1. zebranay Said:

    Cute giraffe photo. Can I suggest a giraffe cartoon for your series? How about rushing in the door with an armful of groceries or something only to drop half trying to answer the phone & it’s a pre-recorded political message. I speak from experience!

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