The Only Responsible Way to React

Bad day at work here; lots of stress and sad, tense people. My response has been to binge on KFC and french fries and Reese’s and also a couple apples and about fourteen gallons of coffee (not related to the stress- that’s typical) and also a canteloupe and some other stuff that came within reach of my mouth. I’m not actually sure what all I ate today. I ate a lot today. Lots of Ibuprofin, but apparently not enough as I still have a stiff neck and a minor headache.

My husband’s response (he’s a lot wiser than me) has been prayer. He told me this morning that he began praying for our church that we would not be able to cover up those little secret sins and that any hidden ones would be brought to light. That was wise, wasn’t it? He’s a pretty wise man. It’s exactly what we needed, just like a person needs to have a rotten tooth yanked out of their mouth. It may be an awful experience, but if it needs to be done, nothing else will do.

I went out and bought shoes. Three new pairs of shoes. After eating all those Reese’s, I guess I needed the exercise… I had initially planned to also go for a jog afterward, but that part didn’t happen. It probably should have. I bet I wouldn’t have this stiff neck anymore.

I’ve been playing Oh Sailor by Fiona Apple. It’s almost applicable lyrically (actually no it isn’t, but so what), and the drunken seasick disgusting people dancing in the video suits my mood so well. Oh, Sailor, why’d you do it? Good song.

Sorry for the depressing post.



  1. Lnda Said:

    I don’t know what is going on, but I handle stress the same way….eating! I used to shop for shoes, but not anymore.

    My daughter, Carole, was fired yesterday. She had a BAD day. I’m sure she’ll find something else, but it hurts to be fired.

    Have a better day. Love you guys!

    • kirinjirafa Said:

      I’m sorry 😦

      What can one say? When the bad times come, you just wait them out and feel awful, but God is still good. Hope Carole does okay throughout it.

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