Some Batman Stuff

I’ve had Batman on the brain lately. Today I got a Batman movie collection at a second-hand dvd/video game shop and thought I would devote a post to all the Batman crappola I have.

So here are some rather random Batman related thoughts on my Batman stuff. Let me point out that there are two faces of the Dark Knight: camp Batman and goth Batman, and both are represented in the fine compilation I purchased today. We just watched the 1989 Tim Burton Batman, the first one in the set. Good stuff; Jack Nicholson was a terrific Joker. Maybe next I’ll watch the awful, wretched Batman & Robin from 1997 (where Arnold Schwarzenegger was Mr. Freeze).

I like both sides. Hubby and I found the wonderful Scooby-Doo Meets Batman Hanna Barbera Batman and Scooby Doo movies or episodes or whatever you wanna call them. They are every bit as good as you’re thinking they are. It’s just like watching the old Adam West tv show as a cartoon with Shaggy and Scooby added in.

We found the Lego Batman video game for PC in a store and have been playing it at home a good bit. It’s hilarious and decently difficult, and I think the biggest appeal for me is that it kind of combines the two aspects of cheesy and dark-ish without taking itself too seriously.

On the other end of the spectrum, I’ve recently found issue #2 of the Gates of Gotham miniseries- I had all the others, but I couldn’t find issue two. It’s kind of got a steampunk flare to it, being the story of Gotham’s founding families complete with sepia-toned flashbacks and Victorian-looking clockwork machinery and yadda yadda. I like the issues that aren’t as dark and gory, but I do love me some gothic Batman.


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