I bought a Susan Boyle cd.

The other day I was at a store, and the music they were playing sounded kind of Broadwayish and mellow and I could have sworn it was Bernadette Peters. After a few songs ran through, I went to check, and here it was SuBo on her newest album,
Someone To Watch Over Me.

Confession time here- I hadn’t thought of her as anything more than a lady who has a kind of nice feel-good cinderella story. When she first appeared on… oh… whatever talent show she made her big break on… my husband and just shook our heads. In his words, “They saw her coming a mile away.” It made me a little mad, frankly, that they would showcase this lady in a way that they knew would make her come across looking frumpy and unappealing. There were plenty of people in line who could have said to smarten up her wardrobe, but then would she have made a splash or just been another contestant? Who knows. I predicted she’d produce an album, follow it with a Christmas collection, and then disappear, with her winnings exhausted and her life a little wrecked. Well, I was right at first, but here is album number three, and she isn’t out of money yet. I hope people continue to listen to her nice music and buy her nice albums, and that she lives out her life enjoyably. Good luck, SuBo.


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