Lego Box for my Makeup Brushes

I’ve had these makeup brushes that keep falling out of the little vinyl bag thing where I keep them, plus they’re getting smushed in my ridiculously oversized handbag, and I thought a hard-shell box for them might be a good solution. Thanks to a wonderful (free) software application known as Lego Digital Designer, I was able to put together a good sized box idea, with the exact number of pieces and their product numbers. It used to be (and still will be until Jan. 16, 2012) that you could finish a project in this sorta lego cad program and then order the set, but that is going away now. Sad, sad thing. Well, you can still build virtual lego buildings, and you can still make your own designs, and this is mine. By the way, it’s been rendered over a desert background.

This box is going to be about 5″x7″x2″ and I will use this plastic adhesive by Testors to keep it from coming apart. Rather than take advantage of the few remaining days of the Designed by Me shipping program, I am gonna just search for all these pieces in goodwill toy aisles and lego stores, because this thing would cost me a fortune. Also, in a fit of economizing religious ferver, I made a hasty promise to quit buying legos for the rest of the year. That would still give me about two weeks to buy the set, but I could probably find most of these by rummaging through extras I’ve got and looking through used toys stores. I just took some medicine that is supposed to make me sleepy, and sure enough, I’m starting to droop over my keyboard. I hope this post makes sense.


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