The Complaints Choir

The Complaints Choir is, as its name implies, a singing choir composed of complaints contributed by genuine complainers. They get together, have workshops, write out their complaints (on various subjects) as lyrics and practice singing them as a choir. “I want my money back!” “My boss keeps printing out his spam and handing it to me to read.”

Now, before you get all self-righteous and judgey about how people in third-world countries wouldn’t be sniveling about late buses, realise what this is. Art, for art’s sake. And it’s a delight to listen to. Click here to read about how the choirs were started. It’s pretty entertaining.

Of course we all complain, even though we KNOW there are people who have much bigger problems than ours. It’s just a natural thing to do- and these choirs were arranged as a reaction to it. You can even participate in one, if there’s one near you or if you wish to organize it on your own. I laughed all the way through the Chicago one (although I disagree about a few points- it’s not just tourists who like deep-dish pizza) and then I heard the Birmingham one and found myself wanting to sing the chorus… “I want my mo-o-o-oney back… my job’s a cul de sac, and the bus is too infrequent at 6:30…” “I’m thirsty!” “It’s not fair!!!” It’s downright catchy.

“Childless people tell me how to raise my kid.” What’s your favorite gripe from here?



  1. Rachel Said:

    This is pretty stinking hilarious, at least they are making pretty music and not just crowding up some park making it stink because they haven’t taken showers in a couple of weeks. Wow…nice post.

  2. Rachel Said:

    Oh and my favorite gripe is….”American looks like one big stip mall”…hello Oklahoma!!

    • kirinjirafa Said:

      Yeah that’s a good one…

      I like “I’m thirsty!”

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