“Gingerism,” baffingly enough, is a real thing.

So, okay, for anyone reading this who doesn’t know me, I’m in the USA. I grew up with this type of imagery for red heads:

There weren’t many red heads in pop culture, but they were beautiful, glamorous, and presented as though they had something to envy. I had a friend with mousey brown hair who would introduce herself as a redhead, because in certain lighting you could sort of see reddish types of highlights in it.

A little while back I saw a video clip of Rupert Grint tearfully thanking J. K. Rowling for all that she did for the ginger community. I thought he was either kidding or nuts. I mean, after all it’s just red hair which everyone wishes they had anyway, right? Apparently not. I bumped into this blog today, and I read it a little, and then it hit me. They mean it. For real, there is a real negative stigma associated with red hair, (apparently in the UK?).

I don’t mean to sound stupid or naive, and I’m not about to start campaigning for red-headed rights or whatever, but I just wish to voice my opinion that this is silly. Red hair is beautiful, and when I was a kid, I wanted red hair instead of blonde.


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  1. menia Said:

    I have exactly the same story.The only redhead i knew was Ariel and i wanted to be like her, so in my mind to have red hair was a bless.But reading harry potter and watching south park i discovered that red hair was not such a bless for those who have it.That’s weird.I think too that red hair are beautiful

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